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A Little Off

Maybe we stretched the truth a bit.

Maybe we didn’t mean to do it.

Maybe we had a few life changing events in 2013.

The truth is, we didn’t get to record our new music in 2013 and that is a drag.

2014 is here and we are in it. We’re lonely for recording.


Promise & Pretty Please

Happy new year, dear friends!

It’s that time of year again where we all make plans and promises.

TLT Plan and Promise: New Songs in 2013

What’s yours?

For the past two years, we’ve been honored as being named one of Austin’s Best Indie Bands. My heart still swells when I think of it.

Would you consider voting for us again?

Indie: The Long Tangles

Female Vocals: Courtney Hans

Drums/Percussion: Earl Vallery

Keyboards: Courtney Hans

It’s a good time to be alive.

Thank you and see you soon!




Happy Xmas from the Gang

I think my friends and I are hilarious.

Annually, an irreverent holiday album is created by

Lil Jumbotron & The Sugar Cookies.

Some of my favorites are:

Before you start thinking we aren’t serious and thoughtful citizens of this beautiful world, take a listen to this topical and political tune regarding gay marriage.

Seriously, all of these songs are GEMS. There are many more. Open your heart to this joy and mirth.

On Twitter: @julwise @puffyfriends @mcompson @flyingcarz @burl_haggard @thelongtangles

Oh, yeah and one wee TLT  message.

Give the gift of our music and you’re giving us the best gift ever.

Over the past two years we have enjoyed and relished your support. Thank you!

50% off discount code: christmasinberlin

(AKA less than a peppermint mocha for a Christmas Miracle)

(ALSO — If you order by 12/19, we’ll be able to deliver physical copies by 12/25)

Love and Life to You and Yours.

All my heart,



Xmas Magic -- GET IT?!! Magic Johnson??

Permission Granted

I know, I know, it’s been awhile.

We’re going to have new music for you. I thought this would happen before the end of 2012, alas, it’s not looking so. This summer messed us up. How long am I able to bash this summer for the hiatus of TLT? Until next summer? Excellent. Thank you for your permission.

Wait! Not true! Every year we record a Christmas EP with some very dear friends. Hits such as: Christmas in Berlin, Office Christmas,  and Do the Robots Know It’s Christmas have been some gems that arose out of our whiskey-induced and cheer-filled annual event.

Hold your horses! No xmas music til post-Thanksgiving. You’re just going to have to wait.

To hold you over, let me remind you that it’s been a full year since we released our second album, Finer Things! Who knew?  If you want to pick up a digital copy, be my guest.

It would thrill me if you did.

You can even use the code: opulence at for a hefty discount if that interests you. Tell your friends.

Annnyway, we’re around and laying low.

Writing music, writing lyrics, drinking cheap wine, sitting in front of fake fires, etc.

Love you!



Eat Your Art

Heyyy, y’all.

Wanna know what I’m talking about in Drawing Conclusions? No? You’d rather just sing along? That’s a-okay with me. I like that, too. But here you’ll see a proper analysis of Drawing Conclusions at Art~Fashion~Music. Reading this surprise of a review made me really happy. For  those of your keeping score, we’ve recorded all of our music so far in ATX at ICFS but no matter. Details.

Earl and I have been taking it easy lately as he’s made a career transition to be… a…

wait for it…


If you are concerned, please set your worried mind at ease. Our sporadic live shows do not mean the end of TLT.

As soon as this summer season is over, TLT is going back in the studio. I’m even trying to learn guitar, though I don’t think that’s really going to be highlighted on the upcoming songs. I’ll stick to what I know best.

I want to add a picture, and it’s nearly the 4th of July, and I’m listening to Jamaican Gold, soooooo here’s a picture of Ziggy Marley boasting the American flag and me. Pals.

*Gasp* AGAIN!

Again — SXSW was incredible. 

Again — you voted us in as one of Austin’s best bands in the 2012 Austin Chronicle Music Poll!

There we are under BEST INDIE BAND!

Be still, my heart…


I continued to be amazed by your love and support.

Right back atcha, darlings.


We’ll have some new music ready for you this summer. I don’t think we’ll be running another 2-albums-in-1-year marathon, but we’re going to sprint all the way through.




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