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Eat Your Art

Heyyy, y’all.

Wanna know what I’m talking about in Drawing Conclusions? No? You’d rather just sing along? That’s a-okay with me. I like that, too. But here you’ll see a proper analysis of Drawing Conclusions at Art~Fashion~Music. Reading this surprise of a review made me really happy. For  those of your keeping score, we’ve recorded all of our music so far in ATX at ICFS but no matter. Details.

Earl and I have been taking it easy lately as he’s made a career transition to be… a…

wait for it…


If you are concerned, please set your worried mind at ease. Our sporadic live shows do not mean the end of TLT.

As soon as this summer season is over, TLT is going back in the studio. I’m even trying to learn guitar, though I don’t think that’s really going to be highlighted on the upcoming songs. I’ll stick to what I know best.

I want to add a picture, and it’s nearly the 4th of July, and I’m listening to Jamaican Gold, soooooo here’s a picture of Ziggy Marley boasting the American flag and me. Pals.


Thank you to everyone who helped us create our album and have a great CD release party! We played with Girl Dreams, Elaine Greer, and Hello Caller at Swan Dive. And thanks to buddy S Jones of The Lovely Sparrows for filling in on bass! A first in TLT history.

Swwooooonnnnn… such a fun show.

A few exciting things are happening.

                             5p The Great ’85
                             6p The Long Tangles
                             7p La Snacks
                             8p DJ John Gross
This is going to be really fun. Check out the FB event for details. If you don’t do the FB, contact us and we’ll let you know!

See you next, next Thursday!

NEW VIDEO: Drawing Conclusions

Great things today!!! Not only is today the official release of our SECOND full-length album of 2011,


…but, we are also releasing our second video ever! The video for Drawing Conclusions, the lead track on FINER THINGS, was shot and produced by Digital Shakedown. It looks AH-MAZ-ING! Click the pic below and have a gander!

Sneak peek, yeah?

This weekend we filmed a music video for Drawing Conclusions.

Drawing Conclusions



Finer Things is dunnnnnn. It’s being released on October 11th. OCTOBER ELEVENTH TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN!

10     20

11      11

Details on the album release party are forthcoming.

And, we’re pretty excited about this… we’re on the first round ballots for the Grammy’s! Send some good juju.

Know what’s exciting for me, also? Getting to be a guest vocalist on Quiet Company‘s upcoming album! Release date — October 4th.

Another thing — we’re excited to be collaborating with Digital Shakedown! I want an opulent hip hop video and/or rollerskating fantasy, but that will come later.

This weekend, we’ll be covering Five Years by David Bowie at Deadly Sparrows Studio. Look out for it as some bonus pre-release Finer Things material. Same goes for some dance remixes by this guy, Olzios. He’s Danish and lives in Brooklyn. Yeah. Cooler than me. Did I mention he’s also a pilot?




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